Why Successful People Use Graphic Designers

Graphic Design is not simply about artistic appeal it is about communication. The goal is to communicate a message through elements of design; color, typography, photos etc. That message could be as simple as 50% OFF SALE. How many times have you seen these words in red and white using a bold san-serif font? Why not blue and green? Why that particular font? The message is simple, but the colors and typeface communicate the urgency of the sale. It is unlikely that consumers would feel as urgent about a sales sign in blue and green than in bold red. My goal as a graphic designer is to communicate your message to your audience to achieve your goals.

The Great Communicator
It is a given that some people are more talented than others in any given area. Nearly everyone can run. Many people run regularly. Yet few runners make it to the Olympics. It is easily understood that these men and women have a talent for running and have undertaken strenuous training to achieve their goals. It is not much different for graphic communication. There are plenty of people with Photoshop calling themselves graphic designers. There are even quite a few who have received some training. However, of the thousands of would-be graphic designers I find there are few who are talented visual communicators.

Being a “Great Communicator” takes time, effort, training and practice. I have been actively working in the graphic arts since 1992. I practice my skills and gain new ones every day. In addition to developing new and innovative ideas for my clients, I am looking at what others are doing, reading up on new techniques and viewing YouTube videos of those techniques in action. All of these skills I bring to you.

Celebrity Apprentice
I’m not big into reality TV, but I’ve watched a few seasons of Celebrity Apprentice. (A show wherein, celebrity teams compete in business-venture challenges.) Time after time I’ve seen challenges lost by not putting enough into their visual presentation. Sometimes I’ll wonder, “Where in the world did they find that graphic designer?” The finish product looks like student work instead of a seasoned professional.

Successful businesses use graphic designers because they know the value of effective communication. A good designer will do more than communicate the words of your message. They’ll capture attention, create a mood, and tell your story. People judge other people by the way the dress. Are they clean or dirty? Colorful or Conservative? Stylish or Casual? People judge businesses by their look as well. What is your look telling your clients/customers? Are you the professional, confident, experienced choice? Does your web-graphics and printed design promote that image?

If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you. (Statistically most web-surfers don’t read more than the first paragraph.) You are one of the few that cares enough about you business or organization to get the right information. Give me a call or send me an email. I’ll gladly discuss your design needs. I am good at what I do, but I’m not the best fit for every situation. I believe that in most cases I can meet your design needs or at least point you in the right direction.

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